David Dimblebore - What a dreadfully biased oaf he is becoming

Watching Question Time on BBC1, what is David Dimbleby's problem.

There is nothing wrong with being devils advocate in order to ask difficult questions, but why were they all aimed at Nicol Stephen ?

"How would you make road pricing cost neutral ?"

"So everyone would pay the same as they pay now ?"

"Why are the Lib Dems in coalition with Labour in Scotland if they oppose each other over Iraq ?"

" So people driving different cars will all pay the same ?"

Some of his questions showed an astonishing lack of understanding of devolution, whilst some were deliberately pointed at the Lib Dems whilst Alex Salmond seemed to get off scot free.

Dimblebore has always been poor, but his recent displays are oafish.


Anonymous said...

He's always been awful, it's not a recent thing.

Reactionary Snob said...

Perhaps he thought Foulkes and Salmond were making such idiots of themselves he didn't need to help them any?


jimS said...

Maybe because Nicol is a member of the Scottish govt?

Liam Murray said...

They should offer the job to Eddie Mair before the Today programme snap him up.

Tabman said...

He's another Bullingdon Bore.