Norwich Union continues to treat Norwich with disdain

Norwich Union have always made a point of not sponsoring Norwich City Football Club. Their reason ? Because the sponsor events only and because aligning yourself with one club can cause supporters of other clubs to turn away from doing business.

So a couple of year ago when Norwich Union took over the debts of Ipswich Town, in a complete contradiction of their stated policies, it came as something of a shock. So Norwich City supporters, as well as the 850 people in Norwich who recently lost their jobs with Norwich Union will be shocked to read in the Norwich Evening News today that Aviva, Norwich Union's parent company, are to right off £20 million of debt that they own in Ipswich Town Football Club.

Norwich Union continues to dump from a great height on the city of Norwich with each and every decision it makes. I for one will be reviewing my insurance portfolio and will be cancelling any policies I have with them. Perhaps if others did the same, the people of Norwich could put a £20 million dent in Norwich Union's pockets ?

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