If this is the effect Gordon Brown has on children then what effect does he have on adults ?

Children from my school are going to London next week to pick up an award for a project they did on creating animations. It is all very prestigious and they were told they would meet some celebrities.

Imagine how excited they were when they heard they were going to meet a famous Scotsman, known to be a bit miserable, but called Gordon who was on TV all the time ?

Imagine how disappointed they were to find out that they are not going to meet Gordon Ramsay, but were instead are going to meet Gordon Brown. They are genuinely gutted !

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Jonny Wright said...

Is that a reflection on Gordon, or just a reflection on the way kids think about politics?

I remember (from when I was 13) my German teacher having a major rant at me in front of the class because, in a conversation practice, I told him I thought politics was boring. He gave me a big spiel in German about duty and citizenship and Adolf Hitler.

It took me till I was 14 or 15 to start caring. And that was mainly because I was studying some truly awful GCSE syllabuses (syllabi?) which got me caring a lot more about education policy. Oh, and it took me till age 17 to identify as a Lib Dem sympathiser.

The point is, I doubt the kids see Brown as being any more or less boring than other politicians - he gets that reaction just for being a politician.