Consistent as ever : Our NATO European allies let us down again

Another 1400 UK troops are going to Afghanistan, and more requests for help from our European NATO allies to support operations against the Taliban in Afghanistan go unanswered.

France and Germany refuse to let their troops in Afghanistan operate in any dangerous areas whilst requests for more helicopter support have fallen on deaf ears. Some nations feel they can sit tight and that terrorism will pass them by. On a day when three French people died at the hands of Saudi terrorists, it is clear that this is no policy at all.

I said it in September HERE, and I'll say it again, with a few notable exceptions, our European "allies" are spineless.


Anonymous said...

You're even more Euro-sceptic than me - the sooner you join the Conservatives, the better. Your views on defence, Europe and security are alien to most Lib Dem members.

Norfolk Blogger said...

Yet there are those inthe lib Dems who call me anti american too ?

Anonymous said...

So when you defecting?

Norfolk Blogger said...

And get involved in the "love in" the Tories ahve with the Americans ? Have to put up with views of fools like Newmania (who you call centre right), sorry Justin, you make some (I stress some ) sense, but a lot of you party are barking mad !