Wells Next The Sea Town Council too busy to talk ?

Having had to deal with issues relating to Wells in North Norfolk on District Council issues, I am surprised at the attitude of their Town Council towards Anglia News this evening.

Anglia News were running a story about Wells Town Council closing a children's playground and park because of mole hills and Anglia enquiring why gassing of moles was necessary when experts were advising other methods of mole control, Wells Town Council told Anglia TV that they had "more important things to do" than speak to the TV about the issue.

This is odd considering that only last week Wells Town Council were quick to comment on District Council proposals.

I guess the best thing I can suggest people in Wells do is note who is on Wells Town Council, remember they are up for election in May, and ask them what was so important to do on a Monday in January that they couldn't explain their actions and justify their decisions.

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Anonymous said...

Wells Town Council does not have a full compliment of Councillors and has not done so for some time. So, sadly I think your last paragraph would be of little use.

In fact over the past few years there has been many changes and lots of resignations.(You might find it interesting to investigate why!)

I think the town will be very fortunate if there is a enough people willing to stand to even bring about an election but I do hope so.

Who was it who gave the comment that the Town Council, "had far more important this to do." Was it an elected member or perhaps an employee of the council?

If you look at what this council, which had to increase its precept dramatically, has managed to achieve in these past years you will see it amounts to very little, but if there was a prize for deferment Wells would surely win it.