Anti war campaigner strikes blow for civil liberties

Well done to anti war campaigner Brian Haw who today won his latest legal case against the Metropolitan Police. Read about it HERE.

He has been accused of failing to comply with rules in the Serious organised crime and police act by mounting a vigial for nearly four years on parliament square, which he states he will maintain until British involvement in the war in Iraq is ended.

The judge today stated that the law was unclear and invalid.

Irrespective of whether you agree with Mr Haw's views or not, what he has done is strike a blow for civil liberties in the UK. The government, under the umbrella of a parliament act supposedly dealing with serious crime and terrorist threats, sought to limit public forms of opposition to their policies. It is every citizen's right to protest peacefully, so we all own Mr Haw out thanks.

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Danvers said...

It is always good news when someone defeats the police in court, but Brian Haw is clearly a bona fide nutter, having abandoned his family to carry on his ridiculous protest. And he has made part of Parliament Square a complete eyesore for far too long. Why can't he just get a blog like everyone else.