Equality Minister Fighting For Inequality : Independent

The Independent reports that Ruth Kelly, the Minister for Equality is trying to get an exemption for Roman Catholic charities to turn away gay couples seeking to adopt.

The devout Catholic minister and member of the "opus deii" sect, if "The Independent" report is correct, would therefore be allowing a personal religious issue to get in the way of her duty to ensure equality.

If this is true, it will be an absolute disgrace. No doubt like last time I posted about Ruth Kelly I will get journalists from the Catholic Times jumping to her defence, but I would ask, is she really fit to be a minister for equality ? She's shown why she can't be an education minister but what job can she be given that she won't show a personal prejudice in ? Perhaps Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster.


Tristan said...

Indeed, no matter what opinion you hold, surely it is easily seen that there's a conflict of interest here?

Norfolk Blogger said...

I thought Nicky Campbell made this point to Ruth Kelly well a few weeks ago when he questioned her commitment to equality as opposed to her membership of Opus Deii