Campbell sets out Lib Dems strong crime and punishment agenda

Sir Menzies Campbell today set out basic principles in the way the Liberal Democrats want to see crime and punishment dealt with.

He made clear that life should mean life, judges set set clear minimum and maximum terms when sentencing and a range of stronger community sentences.

Lib Dem policies would also include changing licensing laws to make it easier to close problem pubs and clubs whilst prisons would not simply be left to be schools of crime but would instead make stronger efforts to give prisoners training and skills in order to break the cycle of re-offending.

I know I am biased, but what Ming Campbell has said today makes complete sense and completely destroys the myth this Labour government wants to put about that the Lib Dems are soft on crime. Far from it. What the Lib Dems is not obsessed with is trying to out "tough" Labour. We need smarter policies instead, and today's announcement shows the Lib Dems have got them.

If you want to sign the Lib Dems "5 steps to a safer Britain" petition, click HERE.


youdontknowme said...
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Rob said...

But not as soft on cime as some eh ? Check out

or look at how many of the BNP members have convictions for viloence, football hooliganism or even posession of explosives !