Shock. Horror. Channel Four don't axe Big Brother

Is anyone surprised at all that Channel Four bosses have decided not to take Big Brother off the air ? As a commercial channel looking to make money, indeed as much money as possible, there was no chance at all of Channel Four taking it the air.

Channel Four say there will be a review. One has to ask why now ? After all, bullying and victimisation has been a staple part of Big Brother since it started, but this has been exaggerated and magnified in the last four series' of Big Brother, with it seemingly getting worse and worse each series.

So what is Channel Four going to investigate ? Racism ? There hasn't been any before this series. So what ? I feel this is just a ruse so that Channel 4 can be seen as being responsible. Big Brother provides 7% of Channel 4's advertising revenue per annum. Perhaps there will not be a new Celebrity Big Brother next year, but you can bet come the summer, the usual bunch of misfits, depressives with serious personality disorders will be back on our screen, and Channel Four will rake in the cash again.


Ross Evans said...

Good points all, bu should they not, at the very least, get rid of that awful Andy Duncan, character. The biggest news story of last week, and he turns up to his press conference looking like he's just stepped out of the local Wetherspoons, with stubble and a bad polo shirt. And then he gives the kind of piss weak response that makes Neville Chamberlain's appeasement speeches seem hardcore. Bah! Lew Grade would have toasted his arse.

Norfolk Blogger said...

I agree. There was a piece on Breakfast News this morning claiming that Channel 4 had lost control of the situation to Endemol and that C4 had stood back for too long, letting Endemol do as they want because Endemol are responsible for such a large share of C4's income.

If this was the BBC, the furore would be even more yet C4 are state owned too.

Biscit said...

I think we're coming at the same aspect of the problem from different angles. It's the bullying and victimisation that's bad, the root of the behaviour be it classism, racism or some other biogotry surely should not matter.

Yes of course racism is terrible, but racism should stand shoulder to shoulder with all other forms of bigotry.

Having said that I think Jade Goody is doing a far better job at spreading an anti-bullying message now, than she ever did as spokesperson for that charity...