Two Liberal Democrat MP's join the inequality club

I am grateful to Justin Hinchliffe again for letting me know that Richard Younger-Ross has put down an Early Day Motion (EDM) backing the right of the Catholic Church to be exempt from equality laws that will affect and apply to everyone else in the country.

Sadly too Colin Breed has also signed the EDM.

How unbelievable sad that two elected Lib Dem MP's can support inequality in this way. In my opinion it is shameful and far from liberal.


Matt said...

I think it's a slightly tricky one, as we're talking about an issue of conscience/religion (to some extent)

I thought about this when 3 of our MPs (Colin Breed included) voted against equalisation of the age of consent.

Like this, that seemed to me to be highly illiberal. What is the answer though? Do we whip our MPs on all issues, even those traditionally considered issues of conscience?

I think actually I err towards a "yes" on that, on issues like this that fundamentally contravene even the party preamble.

p.s. as others may have pointed out, it's Richard Y-R, not William. But maybe you did that on purpose to annoy him ;-)

Norfolk Blogger said...

Thanks. William now replaced by Richard.

Paul Walter said...

Wot? The Richard Younger-Ross and The Colin Breed, two of our most popular and highly visible MPs??!! Shurely Shome mishtake!