New fears over Coltishall prison plans

Norman Lamb, Lib Dem MP for North Norfolk has asked for an urgant clarification of the Home Office's plans for the now redundant and empty RAF Coltishall base.

Councillors and locals feel that the government might try to use the current prisons crisis to push through a decision, allowing this site to become a prison with minimal consultation. However, the rumours continue to abound largely because of the wall of silence coming from the Ministry Of Defence and the Home Office

Norman Lamb has specifically taken up the issue of the delay in making any decision at all. Firstly this site was going to be used by the immigration service, now some papers have written of it being used as a prison, and all the time, local people are left in the dark.

"It is essential from the point of view of trust in the local community that the Home Office clarifies the position without any further delay.", said Mr Lamb.

As a North Norfolk Councillor, I think we are constantly being kept in the dark by this government who care little for informing local electors, councillors or councils about what is going on. Be it proposals from DEFRA about the Shoreline Management Plan (or full scale evacuation of the North Norfolk coast as some of us would call it), the MOD over future plans for the remaining houses at RAF West Raynham of now the Home Office over the future of RAF Coltishall. North Norfolk, and particularly the people of Scottow (where RAF Coltishall actually is) need answers, and quick.

Well done to Norman Lamb for pursuing the government on this.

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Anonymous said...

It should never of closed as a Royal Air Force station...need i say more?