Prescott agrees with Norfolk Blogger

Following my comments yesterday regarding the deplorably way in which Saddam Hussein was taunted and photographed by guards and witnesses at his execution, John Prescott has been quoted as saying that those responsible should be "ashamed of themselves". The BBC reports on it HERE.

I am not claiming John Prescott has read my blog, but for once, at least someone in our awful government has had the guts to say what everyone else is thinking.

Sadly, those responsible for the behaviour John Prescott deplores are supposedly "our friends", the Iraqi government. They themselves have said they will have an enquiry, which apparently requires three people to investigate who leaked the images. What they ought to ask themselves is why one of the guards was a supporter of Iraqi warlord "Moqtada al Sadr", why everyman and his dog was allowed to take a camera, and why nobody noticed anything wrong at the time.

All in all, a disgraceful sign of just what the "new" Irqg is all about. If they are our friends, then we should also be ashamed of ourselves for the company we keep.

P.S. Thanks to Justin Hinchcliffe, who now links to this story HERE. Justin makes some good points about the hypocricy of this Labour government.


Justin said...

Prescott voted for the war. His cabinet colleague the Foreign Secretary said "justice has been done" on the hanging of SH. Just what is the government's position? For direct rule in Iraq or against it? For capital punishment or against it? It's a shame Robin Cook isn't here to take Labour to task.

Norfolk Blogger said...

Oh Justin, I agree about the hypocrict. It was just, for once, Nice to see someone actually say something that made sense.

Paul Walter said...

"Prescott agrees with Norfolk Blogger"

Referring to yourself in the third person - first sign of Dalegomania!
;-) Happy New Year up there in Norfolk!

Norfolk Blogger said...

I thought say "Norfolk Blogger " would bring up more hits than "me" on a Google or yahoo search. But you are right in what you say. It's like some boxers who always refer to themselves in the third person.