What ever sort of democracy would allow this ?

I was speaking to my brother about Saddam Hussein's hanging last night when he told me he had seen the full footage, on the internet, of the whole hanging.

My brother relayed to me how you could hear Saddam being verbally abused, how when he dropped, even before he was dead, the was a rugby scrum of assorted thugs sticking cameras, mobile phones and other recording equipment in Saddam's face. He told me the whole process was sickening.

The question is, aside from the fact that hanging is barbaric, what sort of democracy allows the humiliation of someone before they are put to death ? What sort of democracy allows people to bring cameras to take their own photos ? What makes the whole process of Saddam's death that I have described any better than one of the regular beheadings of westerners filmed by terrorists in Iraq ?

When you cannot tell the difference between the behaviour of a government and the terrorists, then it is a sad sort of "democracy" that we have inflicted upon the people of Iraq.

P.S. If anyone thinks that my comments are meant to excuse Saddam of the crimes he committed, the answer is a very firm no, and you can read my previous comments about this HERE.

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