The shocking picture that confirms why I am against the death penalty

This picture for me confirms every reason why the death penalty is wrong. The thought, the very thought that a man, however, bad he is, is about to be killed by a state is just wrong.

I know he is evil, has killed and is responsible for the deaths of millions, I know he deserves the very strongest sanctions available under law. I just think it is awful that in Iraq, a country wracked with death and killing every day, that another has to die whilst we urging a stop to the killings.

I'd personally like to see him rot in jail, for the rest of his life, like Rudolf Hess. But now he has his "martyr" status, he died "honourably", if this is the right word to describe being hung without a hood and with his head held high. Will this stop the Sunni insurgency ? I doubt it.


S Johnson said...

it is a hard one to call. if anyone seserved it, he did, but can the death sentence ever be justified ? luckily it is not a decision for me. in general, i am agaist it, but this one makes me question my own rules.

Justin Hinchcliffe said...

Although I have an open mind on the death penalty and strongly supported the Iraq war, I have symapathy with Nich's views.

Nick said...

The fact that we are dealing with such an evil man adds weight to the argument against the death penalty. If it is wrong to execute Saddam then it is wrong to execute anyone.

He poses no threat to anyone in jail.

Nich says:
"I'd personally like to see him rot in jail, for the rest of his life"

I agree.