The nightmare that is ... going to the gym in January

I went to the gym this afternoon and suddenly remembered why I hate going to the gym in January. The place was full of sweaty overweight people (no change there then), but the emphasis is on the word "full".

Every January the membership of gyms across the country is swelled by tens of thousands of new members, keen to keep New Year resolutions to lose weight and get fit. Yet, we all know that by the end of January most of them will give up and return to their old ways again. It just means that people like me have to endure a packed gym for a month.

The good news is, however, that their joining fees help keep down my monthly subscription, so it's not all bad news.


Paul Walter said...

A trainer once told me that there are a huge number of people (like 20 just for his one medium-sized gym) who come in during early January, fill out the forms, do the walk-round, sign the direct debit and NEVER return - despite paying the joining fee and the monthly fee!

Paul Walter said...

Nicholas - it is unrelated to gyms, but how the heck did you set up that mybloglog recent readers widget? I have been searching around trying various "how tos" for about an hour and can't work it out....or do I need someone to visit my site first?!


Norfolk Blogger said...

Paul, you have to register the site or sites you author, then from that you see a "widgets and tool" option under your account. I noticed earlier that you have not registered your blog with mybloglog. You need to do that first.

Paul Walter said...

Thanks Nicholas - I thought I was registered - but I'll have another stab