Okay , word verification is removed !

Justin Hinchcliffe asked me yesterday to remove the word verification on my blog. Initially I was hesitant. but it begs the question why people needs to have word verification and comments moderation ?

I know the verification is supposed to stop spam, but so does the comments moderation, so why have both ?

Having just attempted four times to enter the correct letters in to Iain Dale's blog to pass his word verification, it has shown me just how frustrating it is.

Now in return, I am looking for people to leave more comments.


Anonymous said...

Thanks. Although this post required a verification.

James said...

Using WordPress, I don't have word verification on my blog and haven't really needed it, but on the other hand I'd be screwed without the Akismet spam blocker. Does Blogger have anything similar? If not I'd be wary if I were you.

Word verification appears to still be on by the way.

Norfolk Blogger said...

word verification is now off.my mistake.us I'll have to see how much spam I get.

Norfolk Blogger said...

its incredible how quickly spam startsay arriving.