About time security was taken seriously at Bacton Gas Terminal

The sudden appearance of the police outside Bacton Gas Terminal in North Norfolk on 12th September 2001 only served to highlight the lack of security at the terminal. Now, we read, the Army might be about to take responsibility for the security of the site. This has to be welcomed.

It was well known in North Norfolk that there was just one police car on duty in the early hours of the mornings in the Eastern side of North Norfolk which had to deal with problems at Bacton and problems in the town of North Walsham.

Yet only last year, the Police found details of the Bacton Gas terminal in documents found on Al-Quaeda terrorists.

We need to take seriously the threat to all power stations and other key facilities and I think the army are the right people to do it. let us hope the army are given the budget and that this isn't another case of the government expecting the army to do more on the same money.


IanP said...

Sorry, but I cannot agree with you view that the Army should be guarding such facilities.

The Army are not the right and proper people to do this, and their use in civilian areas during peacetime (yes, no war declared), is illegal.

There needs to be a state of emergency declared to use the armed forces for civilian roles, and the Emergency Powers Act needs to be invoked.

There is much more going on than I can explain in this comments box, but my blog could enlighten your readers.


Norfolk Blogger said...

You make a good point. Personally though, I don't want it left to North Wlasham police to be responsible for the security at Bacton.