"Too poor to prosecute them", say Norfolk police

Norfolk police have written to a victim of crime saying that no further action will be taken against the perpetrators, who were caught as a result of CCTV evidence, because they were "unemployed foreign nationals with no income"

This is hardly a statement likely to engender confidence in the legal system or likely to create racial harmony. People are under the misapprehension that the legal system is biased against the law abiding majority, and this sort of police statement plays straight in to the hands of those who want to stir up racial hatred.

I'm pleased to see Dr Ian Gibson, Labour MP for Norwich North has taken the issue up and hope Norfolk Police change their policies as a result.

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Newscounter said...

The police have now reviwed the case [it happened almost 3 months ago] and we've published their response on our website www.newscounter.com

Take a look. Is it as compelling a story as it first appeared?