Is there a Hillary/Barack dream ticket ?

With the news that Hillary Clinton is going to stand for the Democratic Presidential nomination, the focus of the media will be on who has the best chance of winning out of Hillary and Barack Obama.

One of Hillary's strengths is her loyalty (to her husband) , which appeals to some of the Christian right wing in America who believe in the family unit whilst her experience as a Senator for four years stands her in very good stead. This has to be seen against the fact that Obama is considered weak by some because of his lack of Senatorial experience (just two years). Although others have argued that his relative freshness gives him a clean, untainted look that is also appealing.
One thing they both must ensure is that they do not throw mud at each other in the primaries and leave any lasting wounds on the democratic challenge, because one thing is abidingly clear, and that is the need to ensure a Democratic win to try and make good the damage done to the US position in the world since George Bush turned America in to the world's biggest warmonger and destroyed the US finances in to the package.

Of course, the ideal choice might be a Clinton/Obama dream ticket. Done correctly with Hillary as President, it could ensure Democratic ascendancy for not just a two term Presidency, but a full four terms, with the Republicans in the wilderness.


Duncan Borrowman said...

I totally agree, and blogged this view earlier tonight and a few weeks back.
Lets hope that sense previals.

Tristan said...

I don't think it will happen, and if it does it will damage Obama.

I cannot see Clinton winning a General Election, she may not even win the primary - she will not carry the libertarian vote and will get the right out in swathes. I think she also divides the Democrats too much, her pro-Iraq stance will not stand her in good stead.

Lastly, we should not be looking to either party in the US for hope, both are increasingly protectionist and illiberal, we can only hope for a breakdown in the US party system and a massive shake up of the federal government... not that likely at the moment :(

Susanne said...

Amwerican election are so much more exciting than any held in Britain

Matt said...

Tristan left this on my blog when I did a post about Edwards declaring he was running in December:

"Edwards/Obama ticket?
Would stand a chance of winning the Whitehouse, plus it would set Obama up for a run at the Whitehouse in his own right afterwards."

But Edwards seems to have fallen off the radar since? I'd still probably prefer him to get the nod over the other main contenders.