Simon couldn't be more Wright on policing

Well done to Norwich South Lib Dem prospective Parliamentary candidate Simon Wright for highlighting the dreadful way Norfolk Constabulary have been treated in the latest funding round.

Simon has called on the Minister to help Norfolk's Police Authority to stick to the Government's own manifesto commitment to neighbourhood policing. In the light of the government's decision on funding for Norfolk, Norfolk's Police Authority has proposed the case for a 7% council tax rise to fund neighbourhood policing. This larger than inflation rise could have been avoided if the one third of the promised Government funding had not been withdrawn.

Interestingly, Simon could have mentioned that Norfolk had some extra and extraordinary expenditure this year to cover the cost of the proposed merger of police forces which Norfolk had to pay costs towards, but when Labour scrapped the proposals, Norfolk Police were not fully reimbursed.

Well done Simon Wright. Keep at them on this as Norfolk deserves a better deal. Read more about this story HERE.

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Steven S said...

I know you are a friend of his Nick, but he is starting to get some press coverage.

I know some Tories rate him very highly (and are a little bit worried too) after the work he did for "Stormin Norman" in North Norfolk, although it is Charles Clarke who has most to fear.