Homophobia on Conservative Home

With the news yesterday tha tthe Roman Catholic Church are trying to blackmail the government in to having an "opt out" from having to follow equal opportunity laws, and the news today that the Church of England are backing them on this, it is worth noting the discussion currently ongoing on "Conservative Home".

Sorry about the small screenshot, but I'll print below what this person was writing :

"The first homosexual marriage lasted just for one year and most of their relationships are over in a matter of weeks.
Paedophilia and homosexuality go hand in hand and Blair has pandered to every minority group going.
Homosexuality is a recourse for animals when stressed.
Our forefathers were right in condemning it."

Yes, that really is the tone of the discussion on Conservative Home.

To be fair, there are a few Tories valiantly, and slightly in vain I fear, arguing that the Tories silence on this issue is wrong and that no organisation should be allowed an exeption from a law. I am pleased that Justin Hincliffe, one of my regular reads and writer of the hunterandshooter blog is one of those.

There are though, some senior Tory bloggers on Conservative home genuinely claiming that the church should be exempt. Do they not understand that those who are not asking for exemptions are actually not the problem. Organisations that treat people equally are happy with these knew laws. It is only those organisations that despise equality that will want an exemption.

If you want to follow the discussion on Conservative Home, and you'll need a strong stomach, you can click HERE.
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Tristan said...

*sighs* that sort of crap is all too common.

Shows not all the Tory nutters have gone to UKIP though...

Justin said...

Agree, Tristan. I'm working hard to piss them off and drive them into the arms of UKIP.

dizzy said...

Totally disingenuous and generalised post Nich. ConservativeHome allows anyone to post, you have no idea who any of those people actually anyway.

My view personally is that the Equality rules were rushed through and if they'd taken their time they could've come to a much more equitable and pragmatic solution.

It's certainly right that any state funded adoption should not be allowed to discriminate.

However a more sensible thing to do on the matter of the Church would've been to write into the law a cast iron obligation on their part ot direct couples it felt it could not help due to matter of religious conscience to the state agencies. At the point no persons "right" is being discriminated against at all,. adn suggesting it is is little is actually intellectually fatuous in my mind.

Also, calling anyone who suggests anything other than the "it must be enforced" option a homophobe is silly. Everyone discriminates every day over all sorts of things, some of those things are unpalateable, some are not, but people will still do it even if you write a law telling them not.

Norfolk Blogger said...

Dizzy, I mae clear that it was "conservative home". However, if you really want me to trawl through the whole debate to highlight all the Tory bloggers who have spoken in favour of having an exemption from equality laws (surely that is a contradiciton in terms), then I can do so.

I also made the point that some Tories were valiantly opposing the bigots, but you ignored that.

Danvers said...

How does one become a "senior Tory blogger"? Are you referring to Senior Tories, who blog, or just popular bloggers who are Tories? If it is the latter, why are their views important?