A good week to go to court

The "tough" Home Secretary's advice regarding keeping people who have committed serious offences out of prison today should serve as a timely reminder to those who label the Lib Dems as soft on Crime just who we can and cannot trust.

John Reid is one of a succession of Labour Home Secretaries who have failed to deliver on their promises to reduce crime, increase police numbers to the levels they promised and really do something about prisons.

I was speaking to a group of dinner ladies at school today and all they were talking about was how diabolical this government was over crime. I didn't mention my own politics, but rest assured, what they had to say about Labour should send a chill down the spines of those in Downing Street.

What this news does highlight is the need to get out their and tell people about the Lib Dems new crime policies which are not just tough, but smart. There is no better time to spread the word about how the Lib Dems offer a real alternative to Labour and have the policies to show them up too !

P.S. I said it would happen and it has. Read HERE about why a judge let a paedophile off with a suspended sentence instead of going to jail, thanks to Labour.

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Ellee said...

Great minds Nich, you are absolutely right. People expect to see justice served by the courts, it shouldn't depend on availabitly of cells.