Blogpower - Power I could do without

I entered in to this "blogpower" group a few days ago, slightly unaware of the fuss within their group concerning BNP activists getting involved. Looking at some of the names on their list encouraged me that it would be okay, Ellee Seymour, a very reasonable and witty Tory to name but one.

However, I began to feel slightly alarmed when I started getting comments from one of the BNP people in "blogpower" who has then started posting comments to my blog with links to the BNP website.

So I have withdrawn from Blogpower, and whilst I hope their original idea can be a success, I would imagine other people like me would have similar concerns. It is not a case of censorship or being prissy, it is simply a case of me asserting my views and principles as clearly as possible.


james higham said...

Nicholas, I had no idea about this behaviour. We had no end of trouble with this one [not ONE of the BNP - the ONLY one on the list]and he behaved for some time after he nearly got thrown out.

Would you do me a favour and e-mail me with the link to where he linked to the BNP from your comments section and then I think we'll have to act swiftly.

We can't afford to lose people of your calibre. I respect your decision to withdraw but after we act, I'll write to you again and ask you to reconsider.

Daily Referendum said...

I left for the very same reason.
The hits I received from Blogpower were not worth compromising my values for.

It's a shame because it really is a great idea.

Best Regards


youdontknowme said...

What exactly was alarming about my comments?

It was my blog that I linked to and not the BNP site.

I think you knew beforehand about me being in the BNP but you just wanted to cause a little fuss. In more than a week I have not said anything about the BNP and I don't even link to the BNP. I do link to some BNP blogs but I link to a lot of none BNP blogs.

Matt M said...

As a Blogpower blogger myself, I'm sorry to hear that.

I can't say I'm happy about the presence of a BNP-supporter on the list, but I don't think that pulling out of the scheme is the answer. If he wants to post comments on my blog I'll be more to happy to challenge his views. If he says anything I consider offensive I'll have no problem deleting it. That seems to me a more than adequate way of dealing with the issue. Though obviously it's ultimately up to you what you do.

I've enjoyed reading your blog, and will be adding you to my regular blogroll.

ThunderDragon said...

I'm very sorry that you have pulled out of Blogpower.

Norfolk Blogger said...

Just to show why "youdontknowme" is not correct when he claims he linked to his own site, here is a copy of his post CLEARLY linking to the BNP site.

If he is correct in stating that the www.bnp.org.uk is his own site, in may ways, that is even worse.

I wasn't seeking to make a fuss. I simply stated my case and withdrew from blogpower.

youdontknowme has left a new comment on your post "Campbell sets out Lib Dems strong crime and punish...":

http://www.bnp.org.uk/articles/liars_oct04.htm look how many lib dems have convictions for paedophilia, violence and corruption.


Will B said...

Sorry to hear about that Nick, however there's always one bad apple in every bunch. You shouldn't let him spoil it for you.

puddlejumper said...

I left blogpower in part for similar reasons.

Damn shame too.

I think they are misguided in allowing the guy to continue given what he's doing to their reputation.

Bel said...

Norfolk Blogger, I'm sorry to hear that you are leaving. Perhaps you may reconsider after the matter has been dealt with?

I will be adding you to my main blogroll, anyway. Yours is a splendid blog, and without blogpower, I may never have come across it.

youdontknowme said...

I remember doing that but it wasn't directed at norfolk blogger it was directed at a guy who suddenly changed the subject when I commented and said something about the BNP and violence. I then directed him to a link that showed the crimes committed by lib dems.

You and I both know that this was a set up. I mean my first comment and then someone else mentions the BNP for no reason. I had to respond and everyone here knows it.

If I didn't respond I would be accused of not encouraging debate which apparently people like in blogpower.

Norfolk Blogger said...

Actually, you stated that you thought everyone else was soft on crime. I allowed the posting becaues I did not know who you were at the times. Someone then highlighted some hypocrisy on your part.

This was not a "set-up", but why you possibly thought a Lib Dem councillor would want to print a link to a BNP website on his blog, I simply cannot fathom. I would therefor advise you that any further posting or comments from you or anyone else that peddles BNP propaganda will not be published.

Ellee said...

Nich, I take the same view as matt m.

Norfolk Blogger said...

I think for me Ellee, as someone who teaches British born non white children and I have non white, british born members of my extended family, I find the BNP links posted to me to be unpalatable.

I didn't even know he was BNP until he replied with a BNP link. And them I am accused of setting him up ? I'm better off out.