Conservative Home homophobia makes the news

After called "disingenuous" by Dizzy today in the comments on my previous posting on this topic, the Pink News has now picked up on this issue too. I am grateful to Justin Hinchcliffe for posting me the link to it HERE.

Some might be shocked to know I am not a reader usually of this fine publication.

What was of particular interest to me is the statement from the Conservative Party at the end of the article.

"The majority of the Conservative front bench believe it is right that same-sex couples should be able to adopt"

Oh, so only a majority. Presumably this means that some senior Conservative's don't believe in equality. No doubt I am being disingenuous again !


Justin said...


I see that there's an EDM doing the rounds supporting the Catholic stance on gay adoption. It is in the name of Richard Younger-Ross, a Lib Dem MP, and is supported by his Lib Dem colleague, Colin Breed, MP. Am very surprised!!!

David Allen said...

Now, now, Nich. I can't disagree with the inference you draw from the Conservative statement _ but, isn't it a Libdem MP who has put down an EDM calling for the Catholic Church to have an exemption from the Equality Act? And at least one, if not 2 other LD MPs have also signed it _ making LibDem support for an opt-out proportionately higher than that amongst either Labour or Conservative MPs (at least among signatories to the EDM!)All 3 mainstream parties seem to be getting themselves into a tizz over this one. (Greta blog, btw!)

Norfolk Blogger said...

I think the bit about % is a bit misleading. More Lib Dems are openly supportive of the law going through unammended whilst lots of Tories are staying silent even though they want to see an opt out.

As a former head of TORCHE David, why are you not speaking out on this issue ?