Threshers offer mistake. Ooops !

I was reading Elee Seymour's blog the other day when she mentioned the offer from Threshers for 40% off champagne and wines.

Now, it appears that Threshers have realised they have made a massive mistake as this offer was supposed to be strictly limited to certain groups, but not counting on the internet to see this information got around, has cost Threshers very dear. Someone at Threshers clearly does not understand viral marketing.

Read the full story HERE.

It appears also that the link to print off the vochers is also listed. A link can be found HERE.

To be fair, they say they will honour the discount vouchers, but oh, what a mistake !


Ellee said...

Could you have read it on my site? I posted on it twice, the follow-up one was to say how it made Thresher's computer crash. It certainly gave me a record number of hits as a result of others writing about it too and linking to me.

Norfolk Blogger said...

Thanks Ellee. You have now been given proper credit.