Road Charging : Will the whole report be read or just selective bits ?

There has been something of a furore about today's report issed by Rod Eddington about road pricing.

I have written on this blog before about making sure that alternatives are in place before road pricing schemes are introduced. it is, after all, not fair to tax someone more for driving somewhere if there are no alternative roads and no public transport options.

The thing that worries me most though about the reports is not the road pricing option. It is that a future government will notice that the report supports road pricing but fails to acknowledge that Rod Eddingtons report calls for the virtual elmination of taxation on fuel and car tax.

I can see a point where a government will see road pricing as an option and simply implement it as another tax, and therefore as another stream of income.

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Ellee Seymour said...

Yes, it's a complete disgrace, of course the motorists will be hit with as many taxes as posisble, we have the war in Iraq to pay for.

Can you imagine how high the motoring costs will be in a rural area like East Anglia? It will hit the poorest the hardest.