Norwich City payout to Nigel Worthington raises important questions

When Norwich City were under pressure from fans to get rid of Nigel Worthington less than 12 months ago, Norwich City reacted angrily to suggestions that they were only keeping Worthington on because it would cost too much to get rid of him.

At the time, Norwich declined to say how long his contract was (EDP report HERE from last November), but now it has been revealed that Wothington has received a £600,000 payout leaves me, as a season ticket holder, wondering just how long his contract was and when was it signed ? Read about the £600,000 payout HERE.

If Worthington was receiving £4,000 a week, this would mean that he still had three full years left on his contract when he was sacked just a couple of months ago.

This is no critisism of Nigel Worthington. If he is owed it, then he deserves it. However, if he did have that long left on his contract, then it is astonishing and in my view a sign of some poor decision making at the top of the club.

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