No wonder people think that the law is an ass - In fact it is the people in charge who are to blame

Many times we've heard the phrase "the law is an ass", I've used it this week on my blog myself. However, the EDP has highlighted a case today where Meg Matthews, the ex-wife of Oasis member Noel Gallacher, has had speeding charges against her dropped because not all the correct documents were in the correct place.

Read the story HERE.

If this was the private sector, someone would lose their job. As it is, it was probably the fault of somebody well paid in the CPS or Police. Either way, what a disgrace !

Taxpayers deserve better.


Will said...

Judging from the Magistrate's Blog, this sort of thing is all too common in magistrates' courts.

Norfolk Blogger said...

Its an abysmal waste of time though for all those who are trying so hard in the criminal justice system to be let down by some clowns who ruin it for everyone else.