March 2008 General Election ?

According to a number of sources, the dreadful Hazel Blears has written to Labour MP's warning to be prepared for an election in the next 16 months. Read The Times report HERE.

Does this mean an election will happen ? No, not at all. To my mind it is Labour trying to get moribund and inactive Labour local parties to start being more active, select candidates and raise some money.

I know some Labour members in a couple of different constituencies (one is Labour held) and even they say little proper campaigning is going on, so I would guess this announcement is all about getting a sense of urgency and activity from Labour people in preparation for 2009.


Anonymous said...

There won't be an early election - Labour couldn't afford it!

Antony said...

Agreed, and Labour's candidate selection isn't as far forward as to suggest an early poll.