Tory Troubles

I know that many people read my blog for some of the Norfolk stuff I put on here and don't trawl through other political blogs, so it is worth me highlighting to potential Tory voters in my own neck of the woods (not many of them left, to be fair, in Fakenham) just some of the problems the Tories are having nationally.

They have, this week, lost control of two councils, in Dover and Crawley with in both cases Tories defecting to the Lib Dems. This is reported on the Lib Dem voice blog HERE.

Then there is the problems they are having with parliamentary candidates. They have deselected a Tory candidate in Cumbria, another has stepped down citing the attitude of Tory members in Chester whilst reports of problems and dissatisfaction have also come form Plymouth and North Norfolk. Read about them HERE.

Despite "Dave" smiling and talking and talking and talking, behind the veneer of his "new" Tory party, the old one still exists.
P.S. Now, it is reported, the Tories have lost control of another council with Gosport slipping from their grip also. What a dreadful week for "Dave". Read about it HERE. 10/12/06


cassilis said...

This is going to be one of those comments that may come back to haunt me should I ever be bold enough to run for office!

I attended local Tory committee meetings in Ayr and can personally attest to the gap between the centrist & moderate party Dave's trying to build and the reality at grassroots level. The optimist in me believes the gap can be bridged but it won't be easy...!

Anonymous said...

To be "fair" Nich will you be highlighting problems in the LibDems from around the country?

Norfolk Blogger said...

To be "honest", you might have told us who you really are rather than being anonymous ?

If you don't want to read the blog of a Liberal Democrat Councillor, then I can recommend other blogs. Iain Dale goes on at length when there are problems in the Lib Dems, but there are many others also.

To be "fair" i list blogs of people from other political parties, something that a lot of other Norfolk political bloggers (not Lib Dems) fail to do at all !