How many villages will die after Post Office closures ?

The news today that up to half of all Post Offices will close under plans by the Post Office to save money will be a shattering blow to many, but particularly those in rural communities whose local Post Office is often the very heart of the community and is what keeps the villages sustainable.

I was impressed by plans adopted last year by the Liberal Democrats to part privatise the Royal Mail (the people who sort and deliver the post) in order to raise funds to invest in the Post Office network. It appears though that the government are less creative in their thinking. The government's answer is instead to withdraw the £150 million subsidy the rural Post Office network currently receives.

Let us be in no doubt about the government's actions for they show at its clearest that this government cares not one jot about people living outside of major towns and cities. They simply believe that closure is the only answer.

Very sad indeed !

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