Is it April Fools Day already ?

Apparently, according to David Cameron, the Conservative Party are the party of the working people ! Read more HERE. Yes April Fools day has come four months early.

I wonder if we looked at the demographic of their councillors across the country just how it would prove or disprove this ? My guess, from my own experience, is that it would disprove this massively.

In know you can fool some of the people some of the time, but David Cameron really is under the mis-apprehension that you can foll all of the people all of the time. An Eton educated millionaire saying "I'm a working man like you, and so is my friend Gideon, sorry, George Osborne and David, sorry Dave Willetts, etc, etc". Just look at the Tory front bench and they are hardly an example of a typical workers.

Part of Margaret Thatcher's success was tapping in to the working class vote, with the selling of council houses being a key part of this, but I cannot see any initiatives from the Tories aimed at "wooing" the working class, not yet anyway.

Despite the latest good polls for the Conservatives, the regional splits show the Tories are doing well where they already have seats, but in the North and large parts of the Midlands, they still trail Labour, and you would have to see David Cameron's comments today in this context. He needs those voters to form a government. Will it work ?


Antony said...

Do you means that most Tory Councillors are not "workers" (i.e. with employment) or just not "working class"?

Tristan said...

I've often been struck by the number of Tories who have come from relatively humble backgrounds, compare with the Labour party whose upper echelons are upper-middle class or higher.

Socialism is in part a middle class construct, much of which was born out of Tory radicalism of the 19th century. The Fabians are staunchly middle class.

The Labour Party was never formed to represent the 'working classes' but to represent the unionised classes.

Since the extension of the vote to the majority of people, the Tory's vote has mainly come from the working classes, not as many would say the upper classes.

I would say no party is of the working classes, but the Tories have as good a claim as any other.

(of course, all parties are the parties of the political classes more than anything else)