Font of all knowledge - Hazel Blears

Hazel Blears, fresh from protesting about cabinet decisions that affect her own constituents whilst seemingly caring little of they affect other people's constituencies hsa found a new side line.

Social commentator and philosopher.

According to the BBC HERE she knows why British people like to drink so much. Apparently, according to Hazel "Font of all knowledge" Blears, its our "Anglo Saxon mentality" and "risk-taking" and "wanting to push the limits of danger". Also, and this shows clearly that there is just no start, sorry, end to her talents, she reveals that British people "like getting drunk".

Everytime she speaks she reminds me of the quote "better to remain silent and let people think you are thick than open your mouth and confirm it"


Tom Papworth said...

Harsh, but not entirely unfair.

In fact, she's probably not guilty of anything that a sphere full of bloggers isn't also guilty of, but in her elevated position she shouldn't be sounding off.

I find Hazel Blears hard to judge actually. She generally comes across badly on TV, but when I was in the audience at BBC Question Time she was very good.

Perhaps (like many of our politicians, including some of our own front bench) she's better in person than filtered through the media.

Anonymous said...

Maybe "risk-taking" and "wanting to push the limits of danger" are why people still vote Labour...