Is anyone intersted in hourly updates about new year ?

The BBC, ITV and Sky News are under the mis-apprehension that anyone is interested in the fact that each and every hour, somewhere around the globe, a new day and a new year has started.

So what ? Does it warrant sending a team of presenters from Radio five live across to Australia ? Do I care that they are having a firework display, and will I care in an hour that the same will happen in Hong Kong, then an hour later in Bangladesh, then an hour later in Delhi, etc, etc. I like fireworks, but they are something that is only good if you are actually there. Fireworks on TV is much like listening to someone talking about a lovely meal they've had.

I know it's a no news day, but really, is anyone interested in rolling news services telling us the time in lots of different countries, because I know of no-one who is.

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