Anybody able to solve a maths problem ?

I am sure I am not the only person who goes to watch Norwich at Carrow Road who is completely confused by the attendance figures that are read out during the matches.

Against Southend on Boxing Day, there were
25,433 fans present, which according to the announcer was "an 86% turnout". This would mean that a 100% turnout would give the ground a capacity of 28,900 people. Yet against QPR on 30th December, there were 25,113 fans at the game, which was according to the announcer "a 90% turnout". This would make the ground capacity 27,600. So on 30th December Carrow Road had a capacity of 1,300 less than it did on Boxing Day ?

Having checked the facts, it appears that Carrow Road's official capacity is 26,034. This would make the attendance on Boxing Day 97%, not 86%.

These odd percentages are read out every week, each one just as bizarre as the next. Could someone explain how Norwich City come up with their percentages. As a teacher of maths, I cannot come up with any mathematical way to explain it.


Simon Wilson said...

The stats given relate to the actual turnout of ticket holders (esp season ticket holders).

Norfolk Blogger said...

It still does not work though Simon. There are around 19,000 season ticket holders. That means that there must have been 1,900 empty seats on Saturday, but there weren't.

Simon Wilson said...

I'm lost too then!
Just as confusing how do we have 12 chances and convert 1 whereas palace get 3 and score 3!
Agree with you about Dion-hope we keep earnshaw and survive trial by tv at tamworth!

Norfolk Blogger said...

We just don't seem to have that ability to take chances at the moment. A disappointing result today.