7 best things I've done this year - Blog tagged again

I've been blog tagged by Ellee Seymour, who was herself tagged by Iain Dale, on the meme of the seven best things I've done this year.

1) Getting married, the most incredible day of my life.
2) Deciding not to run for Parliament, ever ! I've finally got my life back.
3) Teaching some great lessons during my school's Ofsted Inspection. It was so good to be part of such a good inspection for my school.
4) Taking up blogging and burying the hatchet with Iain Dale.
5) Finally getting the Council to shelve plans to close a toilet and car park in my ward in Fakenham.
6) Helping and being involved in the Spixworth by-election victory in Broadland at the beginning of the year.
7) Getting our house sorted so that there is nothing else we have to fix, paint, re-tile, fill or replace.

This is a very personal list and perhaps not as exciting as some other people's lists, but for me 2006 has been the best year of my life.

I'll pass this on to Cassilis, John Wilkes, Duncan Borrowman, Neil Fawcett and Robert Rams,
with seasons greetings to all of them. I note Robert is away for a week, but he can still list his seven before the end of the year.


Ellee said...

Nick, Well done, and belated congratulations on your wedding. I hope you both have a wonderful Christmas together.

Rob said...

Congratulations Nick.

Iain Dale said...

well done on writing a now unmissable blog. And kind of you to say what you have. Nice to have a mutual hatchet burying.

Norfolk Blogger said...

Thanks Iain, again. Some of your blog tips have been invaluable. Have a good Christmas and New Year, oh, and some West ham clean sheets. I have Anton Ferdinand in my fantasy team and need West Ham clean sheets !