300'th Posting & Merry Christmas

This is my 300th posting, and so I'd like to thank the 40 or so daily regular readers of my blog for indulging my ranting over the last four months.

I'm also pleased to offer season's greetings and a very merry Christmas to everyone else who has looked at my blog. According to my statistics, I am now averaging about 150 unique visitors a day, which in just four months is fabulous. So thank you, one and all.

If anybody has issues with my blog, or any suggestions I'd be happy to know, so don't hesitate to leave comments, and I'd echo comments made on other blogs recently by saying that comments ARE important. I try to leave as many comments on people's blogs as I have time for. Indeed, sometimes the comments make more sense that the orginal posting !

A restful & stress free Christmas to you all. Nich Starling (Norfolk Blogger)

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