Things that annoy me about Christmas - Number 5

In the fifth part of my seasonal rant about things that wind me up about Christmas, let me nominate ... Last minute panic shoppers.

I remember about 15 years ago witnessing two women literally fighting over the last turkey in Marks and Spencer, similarly, I have been to shops on Christmas Eve where every loaf, every point of milk, all the teabags, indeed, every basic item had been taken by people in a blind panic worrying about how they will survive for two days, yes, TWO DAYS without the shops being open.

It's not even as if there is nowhere open on Christmas day these days. After all, the large service stations are open and plenty of non Christians who own shops still remain open.

So, if you see someone tomorrow with twelve pints of milk, four loaves, five hundred tea bags and thirty six eggs in their trolley, have pity on them as they are truly sad people.

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