Will Borat turn Kazakhstan in to the new Norfolk ?

The launch and press coverage of the new Borat film has shown lots of American's being made to look stupid, but it is the people of Kazakhstan that are most angry about the film.

The impression the film gives of the Kazakh people is that they are in to rape, prostitution and incest whilst cars are pulled by horses and anti-Semtism is rife. Whilst this is all very amusing, I have some sympathy with the Kazakhs. As a Norfolk person, we have had a bad rap for years also.

This backward, inbred view is what some of the press, comedians, some bloggers and others like to make about Norfolk, again this is totally untrue (although Recess Monkey showed his stupidity by actually believing his own spin), but is it something we have to endure.

So, I would say to Kazakhstan, if it's not true, smile and accept the publicity gratefully, whilst I would say to Borat, if your film takes the flak and jokes away from Norfolk, well done !


Joe Otten said...

I must say I have almost no idea what Kazakhstan is really like, and I think that is probably Borat's point.

As far as we ignorant westerners are concerned Kazakhstan is a blank canvas for him to draw on. So the whole concept says a lot about us, and nothing about Kazakhstan.

Norfolk Blogger said...

Indeed, but it is exactly the same for Norfolk. Visit Norwich and you visit the number one city for shopping in the whole UK (according to a recent national survey). Norwich is one of the main financial services cities in the UK (Virgin money, The One Account, Its4me.co.uk, Virgin Credit Card, Norwich Union, Moneyfacts, and many more), we have a vibrant cultural heritage, and a beautiful city. However, strangers see us as driving tractors, eating carrots and being odd. This simply isn't true.

Martyn said...

I've spent many happy days in Cromer and Sheringham ! Much underated part of the world.

Norfolk Blogger said...

I've been agent for a local election in Sheringham. Lovely place, bright voters too ! Actually, I've come to know the North Norfolk coast very well indeed. I don't think there is a village along the coast I have not delivered leaflets too or canvassed as some time in the last 12 years. It is a beautiful place though.