Iraq and Saddam - The right verdict, the wrong war.

Yes, I was against the war in Iraq. Yes I know that if we had not gone to war Saddam may still be in power there and Yes, I can recognise that getting rid of Saddam Hussein was a success. So, given those things, I can welcome today's verdict that Saddam Hussein is guilty of the charges of murder in Dujail.

However, I don't accept that Iraq is a safer place to live now, I don't think the area is more stable, I don't think we have helped reduce the threat from terrorism in the area by being in Iraq, and I don't think the people want us there. I did not support the war at the time, and I still don't. I am consistent on that (unlike the Tory Party).

So in short, this was the right verdict on Saddam, but still the wrong war !


mariamaria said...

i completely agree. He is a murderer, so if we are consistent with this type of intervention, why have we ignored Darfur and allowed the onging genocide there? Wrong war, wrong reason.

Norfolk Blogger said...

and the deliberate actions of Mugabe which are bring death, poverty and suffering in Zimbabwe.

Gary Elsby stoke said...

No Nick, right verdict, wrong sentence.

Nothing British condones hanging or any death penalty.

Our membership of the EU guarantees this viewpoint and upholds our right to condemn this vile act.

Killing someone is simply not right or British.

We are there risking our lives and have a stronger view than just to say it is Iraq's choice.

Not when we attempt to guarantee security.


Norfolk Blogger said...

I did clearly stipulate my support for the verdict. I never expressed my support for the death penalty. I was trying to highlight the contradiction that I am sure many people felt yesterday when you are pleased to see Saddam having to face justice (or a sort), but know that actually we shouldn't be there in the first place.

gary elsby stoke-on-trent said...

A man has just been found guilty of crimes against humanity and the Liberals still say we shouldn't be there?

You were always wrong Nick and just remember that Lord Goldsmith said it was legal, therefore it is.
There is no argument in the world that can break that opinion.

I refer you to resolutions 678, 687 and 1441 UN.

Go to the website and view it yourself and convince yourself that it doesn't say what it says.

By the way, parliament went to war in Iraq, not tony Blair.

They could have voted no and that would have been it.

Blair could have ordered troops in but didn't.


Norfolk Blogger said...

I'm afraid you've bee misled. Your Labour rosette must have got in your way. You let your other postings down by trying to justify the debacle that is Iraq.

Gary Elsby stoke said...

A debacle it may be, but no war has ever been easy or bloodless.
Someone always loses. Normally the tyrant.

It is you that was tricked Nick.

Charlie Kennedy took the Liberals to the left of a left wingish Labour party and opposed the war.

You took some of our members who despise all wars. Charlie lost.

Ming has taken you back and you're saddled with not supporting our troops.