Don't bash the Bishop - Sorry !

The Bishop of Rochester has has put his head above the parapet and may face some criticism from some for attacking hypocrisy amongst the Muslim Community when it comes to when it is right to intervene in problems affecting Muslims around the world.

The Bishop makes the point that
it would never be possible to satisfy all of the demands made by Muslims because "their complaint often boils down to the position that it is always right to intervene when Muslims are victims... and always wrong when Muslims are the oppressors or terrorists".

I think he offers an alternative viewpoint on this issue, and given his family history and his fathers conversion from Islam, he is perhaps closer to the subject than most who speak out about Islam. No doubt he will be attacked, but this does need to be debated and we do have freedom of speech in this country.

Read the whole story HERE.


Chris Black said...

Who is criticising him?

Norfolk Blogger said...

Give it time. There will be people within hours who will seize on what he has said and try to twist it and make out he is attacking Islam.

It won't take George Galloway long raise it, I'm sure.

Indigo said...

I think the Bishop of Rochester is projecting, throwing stones while standing in a glass house and, possibly, making a bid to be the next Archbishop of Canterbury. I think that his accusation of dual psychology seeking victimhood and domination could more fairly be levelled at Zionists. I am utterly and completely fed up to the back teeth with Govt-fostered Muslim-bashing. (As it happens, I live in a mixed neighbourhood - I have Muslim neighbours - and am one of those who represents our liberal Anglican church on the local multi-faith forum.)

Cheap crack about Galloway.

Norfolk Blogger said...

Galloway revels in it.

I agree with your view about Israele/zionist victimhood.

I would also add that there is a victim mentality in parts of Africa. Africans demanded action from the West against Apartheid South Africa, but now the ANC run South Africa helps sustain Mugabe's racism in Zimbabwe.