Yes Sunderland, you were robbed !

Well done Norwich and sorry Sunderland.

There is nothing worse than a long journey home when you have been robbed of a result when you have dominated the match. I was immensely pleased with the 1-0 win from Norwich in what was a gritty defensive display. Clearly today Norwich fans saw the value of having a £3m striker, give Earnshaw a chance and he will score.

However, I have every sympathy with the Sunderland fans who behaved themselves brilliantly well and I am immensely grateful to those Sunderland fans who bought me and my friend Richard lager in Squares, Norwich Riverside, after the game.

Football involves a lot of pain and very little reward, and when you've travelled 6 hours to get to a game that you deserved a draw from at the very least, it can be a long and desolate 6 hours home !

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