Three reasons why Identity Cards are a stupid idea

The Prime Minister has today praised ID cards and tried again to make the case for them. He has argued that it is an issue of "modernity", and not one of civil liberties.

I would argue that it is a case of stupidy and political control freakery over logic, and here is why.

1) One argument Blair gives for ID cards is that they will get rid of the need for other forms of ID which are easily forged. However, one of the ways that you are to apply for an ID card is to provide the very same "old ID" (driving licenses, bank statements, birth certificates, etc) that they calim is easily forged ! So surely ID cards cannot be secure if you need easily faked data in order to apply for one ?

2) Why should I have to pay £90 in order to gain my own ID ? The government claim that only those who do not have an ID must have something to hide. Why should I have to pay £90 in order to prove I have nothing to hide ? Why should the government be able to shame people in to having an ID card and why should I have to buy something that proves who I am. I have a birthright to my identity, a should not have to pay the government £90 for it.

3) The government claim they will help us to catch terrorists. Quite how they will, they cannot explain. After all, all 7th July bombers were British and would have been able to travel unhindered using their ID cards. The government also seem to have little understanding that if terrorists can build bombs, they can certainly copy ID cards.

So, the three main planks of the government's argument for ID cards are all wrong.

It will be expensive, bureaucratic and won't work, yes, another typical New Labour idea.
UPDATE - Excellent further thoughts on this are provided by the rather good John Wilkes Libertarian Blog.


Gary Elsby stoke said...

Why should I have a CRB just because I want to work with children?
What are you trying to imply?


Norfolk Blogger said...

Chalk and cheese. Employers pay for the CRB check whereas I would have to pay for an ID card in order to prove I have nothing to hide. It really isn't the same. Someone who makes a "choice" to work with children "chooses" to go through the checks also. Whereas, I have a right to my identity and the presumption of innocence when going about my everyday life. I should not have to pay for that.

Gary Elsby stoke-on-trent said...

Employers pay for the CRB?

No they don't Nick.

Check out Norfolk Social Services and their carers who work with children or the elderly.

In a world of increasing immigration, even those who are illegal seem to have the right to remain anonymous as they fiddle the system.

ID cards have many uses and should replace the passport which I have to pay for every ten years.


Gary Elsby said...

And why you're at it Nick, how much does your authority owe its workers?

Can I guess, £100M to be paid at once. Have you got it?

Is it true that Norfolk MBC has deliberately underpaid everyone for ten years? And continues to do so.

Shame on you.


Norfolk Blogger said...

Again, you make comparisons between things you choose to do and those that are voluntary.

If you work with children, you choose to go through the CRB process. Your choice. It isn't forced on you.

If you choose to go abroad, you choose to have a passport. Your choice. It isn't forced on you.

You are the sort of bloke who moans about the price of a a pint of beer because you choose to go in to the most expensive pub.

Norfolk Blogger said...

I should just add Gary, thanks for keeping debate alive. Your opinions are valid and I appreciate them.

Gary Elsby stoke said...

Do I take it then that older teachers who chose to work with children many moons ago have not had to undertake the CRB?

They chose to work with children and so be it.


Norfolk Blogger said...

As a teacher, you do not pay for your own CRB check.

Gary Elsby stoke said...

And if you're not and working for Norfolk Council?


Norfolk Blogger said...

And what if you are a blind one legged horse and you are ?