Tory "mock outrage" at Lib Dems over "Tosser" website really does take the biscuit

Am I the only person who finds Iain Dale's mock outrage at Lib Dems being "holier than thou" over the Tory "tosser" website hard to take seriously ?

On my blog one Tory councillor explained that he felt "that the phrase used is offensive and ill thought out. Just vulgar." Presumably Iain, he too is being holier than thou ?

Or what about Aberystwyth Conservative Futre who say " I am at a complete loss for words in trying to explain why anyone would think launching such a campaign and website mocking people for spending money would be more important than, say, having a policy on anything. Considering the overwhelming experience most of the "tossers" at CCHQ have ever likely had with money is how to avoid drowning in it, it seems farcical and insulting that they should try and tell people who are struggling how to manage their finances." Read it HERE.

Iain himself has now posted another posting that shows how Lord Tebbitt is less than happy with the campign too !

I had come to think Iain was usually quite fair in these matters, but I think Iain's attempt to use this to attack the Lib Dems underlines just how uncomfortable this campaign makes some Tories feel. I personally think it is a mistake. I think the opposition will be able to use this more than the Tories will.

Come on Iain, you're better than that !


Anonymous said...

Tosser maybe lyrical
but wanker is more appropriate

Brollys all round, ladies

Antony said...

Don't holf your breath Nich - this will be dead (along with the tosser campaign) in less than a week.

Why do we all feel the need to swear so much anyway?