Ian Gibson to stand again for Labour in Norwich North

The EDP reports today that Labour MP Ian Gibson will be standing again in the Norwich North constituency at the next election. Read about it HERE.

This will be good news for the Labour Party, who have lost votes and seats in local elections in Norwich North in recent years, but have comfortably held the parliamentary seat because Ian Gibson, despite his faults (messing up a quote a la John Kerry which then implied that his constituents were inbread being his biggest gaffe), he is known locally as a vocal and reasonably hard working MP who has support from people who will not normally vote Labour because he is prepared to stand up to Blair on key issues.

With the removal of Taverham and Drayton from the Norwich North seat, the seat will certainly have a notional Labour majority of about 7,000 next time and I guess Labour's chances of holding the seat are much stronger with Ian than they would be without him.


James said...

Inbread? Does that mean they have a lot of money? :)

Anonymous said...

Disappointing. Ian is good for soundbites in the press but not much else really. The 'labour-rebel' routine is getting old.