Montana Libertarian Candidate Stan Wilson - Surely the most interesting midterm candidate ?

Of all the candidates standing in the US midterm elections has to be Stan Jones, the "Libertarian" candidate who stood in Montana (who in the process almost gifted the seat to the Republicans).

It appears that Stan Jones is the genuine "true blue" candidate that British Tories can only dream about. He opposes the EU, he is a libertarian and, he is genuinely blue, well, slightly grey at least. You see Stan Jones developed argyria, which permanently turned his skin a blue-grey color, by consuming home-made colloidal silver which he made because of his fears that the millenium bug would make antibiotics unavailable.

At first, when I read his Wikipedia entry, I thought it had been tampered with by his opponents (the Republicans were implicated earlier in the year with altering Wikipedia entries to dirty the name of opponenents). However, after reading a report from four years ago on the the BBC website, it appears that it is true. Judge for yourself from the picture.

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Tristan said...

Libertarians aren't particularly welcome in the Tory party these days. It never was a natural home for them, aside from the anti-socialist element.