Is it appropriate for the Tory Party to call people "tossers" if they are in debt and should they be lecturing us on debt at all ?

The new Tory site linked HERE really does take the biscuit.

A political party tens of milions of pounds in debt wants to lecture us on how to keep out of debt and they are referring to people in bedt as tossers.

Jonathan Wallace's blog gives a brief critique of the points in more detail than me HERE.

Is this Dave trying to be really "right on", because to my mind its slightly naff and a little offensive.


Antony said...

It is appropriate for the Tories to talk about this issue (after all the LibDems may need some help with a £2.4m debt soon) but I do think that the phrase used is offensive and ill thought out. Just vulgar.

Susanne said...

The film and quiz are rather naff but funny. They ring a bell.

However not sure what the slang word tosser has to do with the whole thing. It's a pun on what? Can some bright spark please explain

Robert Jackman said...

Yes, 'tosser' may not be the best word to use. But this is a campaign trying to compete with companies who push expensive mp3 players as essential and attainable, and companies who aim to make teenagers think nothing of midnight triple-figure cash withdrawls.
The Tories will have to be abrupt and lewd if they want to be heard on the issue.

My problem with the website is that the real 'tossers' are the companies who exploit teenage insecurities.

Have a look at the comments on the matter on my blog if you will :)

Teri said...

They aren't calling people in debt tossers. They are aiming the comment at the inner person who takes over. I don't think that it's a vulgar word and I don't feel offended by it.

Norfolk Blogger said...

Then there are lots of Tories who disagree with you. Do you not think a better word could ahve been chosen or was it done to deliberately offend ? I think if Labour or Lib Dems had done it the Tories would be going on about how outrageous it is.