Iain Dale's challenge - 10 things I would never do.

Iain has challenged me to name 10 things I would never do HERE . So here goes

10) Vote Green - Sorry, oppositionist, opportunist, rose tinted spectacled eco fascists. Some of them are lovely individuals, but as a political party, barking mad and dangerous for our country.

9) Take seriously "Gary Elsby Stoke-on-Trent" - Regular commenter and apologist for Labour on my blog and on others. He's amusing, quite clearly educated, and I appreciate his comments, but I just cannot take them seriously. Someone suggested on another blog that he was Peter Mandelson's nom de plume ?

8) Grow a beard. - I'm with Iain on this one. In my case, if I don't shave for a few days there are too many grey hairs obvious on my chin that I don't yet have on my head. Don't draw attention to my age, is my motto.

7) Get a spray tan - Why ?

6) Campaign against a personal friend - I've made a point of not helping Lib Dem campaigns where friends of mine are standing for other parties. An example is a Labour friend this year winning a seat off the Lib Dems in Norwich despite the Lib Dems asking for my help. Sorry, but there are good people are in every party and sometimes it is good to have good people elected even if they are not in your own party.

5) Wear sandals - I wear flip flop things on holiday, but sandles, no. Along with my dislike of having a beard, it seems I'll nver be a proper Liberal !

4) Support any other non British team when they are playing against another British team - I hate all this stuff from some Welsh or Scots who support who-ever England are playing. We are all British, so we should support each other. I should perhaps add that I would never support any other team who are playing Everton, but Dizzy beat me to this !

3) Sign an e-petition on the Number 10 Downing Street website - A silly gimmick designed to stop embarrassing the government by avoiding having people turn up for photos handing in mass petitions outside number 10.

2) Buy the Daily Mail - I'm sorry, but it's a blatant political rag, light on real political news, but heavy on Tory CCO press releases. Have the Daily Mail ever admitted that the Lib Dems won the Romsey by-election ? They certainly failed to report it at the time.

1) Ride a horse - Why ? Why do it ?. If cars had been invented first, would people be riding horses ? So why when there are cars, bike, motorbikes, quad bikes, etc, do people want to trot slowly around on a smelly animal blocking country roads up ? No, no, no. I have always said, riding a horse is top of my list of things I wish never to do.

I don't know if I am supposed to "tag" people to do a top ten aswell, but if I am, I'll tag Elee Seymour , Cassilis , John Wilkes, Paul Walter, Bob Piper, Duncan Borrowman, Will Howells, Neil Fawcett, Robert Rams, and lets get international and ask the American Tom Watson.


Ellee said...

I keep trying to get my husband to wear sandals, he won't either. I don't know how you blokes manage in the summer.

Justin Hinchcliffe said...

How about reading the Guardian?

Gary Elsby said...

I particularly like point number 6 and would point out that I would take a great pleasure in removing your scalp without a second thought.

Point 2. You dislike the mail because it's not your politics. Hmmm.. suppose so.I don't buy it because they supported Hitler and wanted Hitler to run Britain.
Not cricket.