Another story of poor customer service - Amazon.co.uk

Following up yesterday's story about Amazon failing to sell products at the time they state, I decided to e-mail them. I got back a standard automated response along the lines of

"Sorry you were unable to but the Nintendo wii, etc, etc, high demand, etc, etc"

Amazon have a box on their website that says "has this answered your question ?"

When I clicked "no", and asked for further details about why they had not listed the product at the time they advertised, I have received no response. Neither has my friend who asked a similar question.

It seems that Amazon have the same customer care team as Sky TV. Both care little about complaints or problems and are only happy to respond quickly if you are spending money.

The Times also reports today on Amazon selling all their stock in one minute, but fails to report that they told customers that they would list the "wii" for sale at 9 am but failed to do so until 9.40.

Again, my advice, avoid amazon like the plague !

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Stephen Tall said...

Try the last story on this page, Nich: http://www.guardian.co.uk/g2/story/0,3604,1569534,00.html