Amazon.co.uk = Amazon.useless.can't.tell.time.uk

A friend of mine was trying to purchase online today a Nintendo Wii (promounced 'wee') from Amazon.co.uk.

Amazon clearly stated on their website and in e-mails that they would list the product for sale at 9am. My friend sat waiting. 9 am arrived, but no, Amazon still didn't have the button up to "purchase this item". 9.10 came and went. 9.20, still nothing. 9.30, no, not a thing. 9.40, suddenly one was listed for sale as a second hand item, then by 9.42, they had all been sold. Unfortunately, being a working person, he was trying at this point to get on with some work. Due Amazon.co.uk not being able to tell the time and being 40 minutes late to list the product, he missed out.

Message for us all the Christmas, if Amazon.co.uk cannot even tell the time, then how will they send you the right gift ? Might I suggest cd wow, play.com or ebay for your Christmas gifts ?

Luckily I already have a "wii" on order. That didn't console my friend though.


Sean said...

I knew they had sold out but didn't realise they had done so in 2 minutes!
That's crazy!

Norfolk Blogger said...

My friend was particularly annoyed ! It is exceptionally poor though that they didn't put it up for sale at the time they stated. Lots of people have internet access at work, but are limited in the time they are allowed to use the internet.

Amazon have let people down.

Joe Taylor said...

That didn't console my friend though.

Not sure if that was intentional, but that raised a chuckle...